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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Darkly Seductive Ginger and Plum Pudding

So it was my birthday recently and I decided to celebrate by making a dessert idea I had been playing around with for some time.
When I was a little younger, some while ago I was shown how to make one of the simplest desserts known to man.
Plums in green ginger wine.
You simply open two cans of plums in juice, cover them in Stone's Green ginger wine and leave to infuse for a few hours, preferably overnight.
Once they have soaked up the exotic gingery flavor you simply serve them with generous dollops of cream of mounds of vanilla ice cream. They take the effort of buying a store baught cake but taste like a team of gourmets crafted it for you.
However I have had an idea floating around in the creative part of my head for a while, forming, growing and then, some two weeks past, it came to fruition.
A little more effort, perhaps, but if you're looking to impress - this will knock some socks off.
An exotic twist on tirimisu that is darkly seductive, fascinating to your palette and utterly irristible...

1 Bottle of Stones Green Ginger Wine
800 or so gms of tinned plums in their natural juices
Tub of mascapone
600 ml cream
1 large packet of Saviordi biscuits (they will be in the biscuit isle in the supermarket)
1/4 cup of castor sugar
4 eggs, seperated

Dump the plums into a large bowl and cover with about half the bottle of green ginger wine. Leave to sit for minimum two hours, preferably overnight.

Whip cream to soft peaks. Fold through the mascapone. Mix in the yolks and sugar.
Whip whites till soft peaks. Fold this in. If you have never folded before, it is very simple. The best thing to do is look up a tutorial on youtube... seeing is much easier than describing. But its pretty much just gently mixing.

Get the container you want to serve your pudding in. Place a layer of saviordi biscuits along the bottom. If you have made tirimisu before this is very similar.
Pick up each biscuit and dunk it quite well in the plummy gingery soaking liquid then place it back in the container. Once you have a nice layer of gingery sponge biscuits cover it with half the mascapone-cream mix.
Spread it evenly over the biscuits. Tear apart the plums with your fingers, removing the seeds as you go, and gently tumble half over the cream mix.
Repeat the whole process again. Biscuits. Cream. Plums. Cover with glad wrap and leav in the fridge till its ready to serve.
If you really want to go all out reduce down the extra liquid with 1 cup of sugar until it forms a sticky syrup and drizzle over the pudding. This however, is not necessary.

And remember, if you need a quick fix in a hurry, simply soak your plums and serve with cream. Its damn good.

The pudding, needless to say, was devoured with comments of, 'go on, just a bit more than. Thats right, one more spoonfull.'
Just you watch. Its sinful.


  1. oh this is a good idea- I love ginger flavours and have recently been in love with green tea plum wine so this could be a new ginger/plum combo that I will love.

  2. And it is so easy! I see you are also a brisbane based food-loving blogger! Good luck with the pudding...