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Water. Air. Food. Sex. The essentials in life. The first two? Leave them in their natural state and they'll look after you just fine.. The later two? Fun to play with. Get a little creative with. And if the mood strikes you, mix the two... Food and sex have been linked throughout history. Think about it. I mean really think about it. Is there anything more sexy than good food? Chances are others think the same thing. These recipes are not just about seducing that special someone (or someones) but seducing yourself. Its easy to forget what a pleasure food can be. So take a knife, some nice ingredients, and get Seductive in the Kitchen.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Meet my lovely salt and pepper shakers.. Unfortunately one of them recently broke his arm.. Alas!

Oh no! I broke my arm....


Hugs make everything better...

(I apolagise for the outrageous cuteness of this blog... Hugging ceramic figures have that effect on me..)


  1. these are too cute. I think I want to start a collection. A friend of mine had a milk dispenser shaped as a breast and I thought that was clever but these are a little more appropriate for when family is over.