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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At Last! Breakfast at the Gunshop Cafe....

There is a little cafe in West End that is renowned far and wide for its fantastic breakfast. And although I worked in West End for almost a year and although I have attempted to eat there many times.. I have always been thwarted.
I was beginning to think perhaps there was a bane laid apon me...
Many a time me and my boyfriend would venture all the way to West End, our stomach's rumbling and then simply be too hungry too wait in the line for seats.

Or once we arrived just in time for them to change to their lunch menu...
It was to be breakfast or nothing at all!
And then, miracle or miracles, one morning, after a friends housewarming, a little hungover and a lot hungry, we took a mission to the Gunshop Cafe.
We waited patiently in line and then we got a seat. At last. Our bane was lifted.
Oh joyous day!

I got a chai latte to start.. and in came in a teapot. Wonderment.
It was a balmy late morning and the sun shone in through the spacious windows, adding to the lovely bustling ambiance of the place.
Even though it was packed it had a laid back vibe and we sat in a perfect spot to see the colorful street life of West End passing by.
It is by no means a place to blow you away but rather the cafe you feel you could come back to time and time again.
I guess I do understand why it was voted Australian Cafe of the Year last year.
Nice vibe, good food, cheerful, laid back but professional service and above all it feels a little like you are being welcomed back, rather than staying for the first time.
Perhaps I am being a little whimsical.
Breakfast was simple, but beautifully made.
A classic with a twist..

I got vodka-cured salmon with locally made sourdough toast, poached eggs, baby spinach and hollandaise...

Perfectly poached eggs...

My boy got potato the potato and fetta hash cakes with herbed sour cream and tomatoes... It was perhaps a little sparse but delicious none the less...

It was, I think, worth the wait...
I will be going back.
Check out their website here if you are in the area...

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  1. We're going here next time I'm down!
    It looks delicious :)

  2. I've had the potato and feta hash cakes a few times and they are awesomely delicious! I think last time I got a poached egg on the side too. So need to go back there again soon.

  3. Yum! the poached eggs and salmon looks so good! I came across your blog from the foodie blog roll and I love what you have here. If you wont mind I'd love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post and it's all set, Thanks!

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