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Water. Air. Food. Sex. The essentials in life. The first two? Leave them in their natural state and they'll look after you just fine.. The later two? Fun to play with. Get a little creative with. And if the mood strikes you, mix the two... Food and sex have been linked throughout history. Think about it. I mean really think about it. Is there anything more sexy than good food? Chances are others think the same thing. These recipes are not just about seducing that special someone (or someones) but seducing yourself. Its easy to forget what a pleasure food can be. So take a knife, some nice ingredients, and get Seductive in the Kitchen.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Effortless Late Night berries with Sexy Apples, flirtacious spices and Cheap Vanilla Icecream

This isn't so much a recipe as an inspiration. In fact it takes about as long to make as reading the title of this blog. Ok, perhaps a little longer, but you get the point.
You may think that when you have cravings for something sexy and truly sweetly satisfying at two in the morning that only one thing will do.
But you would be wrong. And though we all love a good horizontal late night tango (if you know what i mean) there are other things that will satisfy you with little to no effort. And if you have used all your energy on previously mentioned sexy-good-times this might be exactly what you are looking for.
This was one of those things born of cravings for something sweet and warm and grew from the bits and pieces that were hanging around in the sometimes scary depths of my fridge...

So simply chop up two apples into bite size chunks (take the size of the mouths of your guests into consideration) and bung it in a pan with a tbls of butter.
Add 1/2 tsp cinnamon and either 1 tsp of vanilla extract or, if you happen to have one on hand, half a vanilla bean, seeds scraped out into the pan. Throw the pod in right after it.
Tumble in 1-2 cups of frozen mixed berries and 2-3tbls of sugar, depending on how sweet your berries are.
I prefer it a little tart.
Next in goes one cup of water. Turn it down to simmer and cook till the apples are a little soft and you really cant wait any longer. It should only take about 5-6 minutes.

Thicken it with a little (1tsp) corn flour mixed into a some water to make a thin liquid and then stirred into your luscious berries. Thats it. Perhaps 10 minutes of almost no effort and your cravings will be satiated.
Lob a good hunk of vanilla icecream ontop and devour.
Sometimes fancy and fresh ingredients are required.. Here all thats required is a voracious appetite and and some odds and ends.

Note; Dont feel remotely guilty about eating this by yourself.


  1. Love quick and dirty little desserts like this that taste simply amazing! Don't need a recipe when it's so darn simple, and good.

    And thank you so much for your sweet comment a while back, I'm so flattered you've been enjoying my blog! :)

  2. Yay! Thank you for your comment... I follow your blog avidly...Keep on writing, i will keep on reading..