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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unadulterated Bruschetta

Do you too have dreams of Bruschetta? Wake up with the idea of Bruschetta on your tongue? Waltz down to your local cafe to order it and then get bitterly disappointed wh en they bring you a soggy piece of bread with a pile of old flavorless diced tomatoes mixed with a little vege oil and no garlic?
Bruschetta, like so many classic Italian dishes, has been garishly abused.I'm talking Carbonara and pizza.
Im talking Tirimisu and Bolognaise. Once beautiful dishes now so over used you forget why they became so popular in the first place. And Bruschetta, fresh, unadulterated Bruschetta, the kind that cravings are made from, is a glorious thing.
Crusty chewy bread, toasted, rubbed to perfection with a sweet clove of garlic. Roughly diced fresh red tomatoes so ripe you want to eat them right then and there.
Just wait.
Fresh basil, fra grant, torn, not cut.
A drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkling a salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Oh god, I'm salivating on my keyboard.
So though this hardly needs a recipe i will spell it out here, so the the art of the beautiful Bruschetta can be created at home for maximum pleasure.

4 thick slices of a nice nice crusty bread, a ciabiatta, turkish or pane
4 ripe tomatoes (adjust to suit the size of tomatoes)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper
large clove of garlic
Basil leaves - a handful
1 tsp balsamic vinegar, if desired

Toast your bread so it is lightly golden and a little crunchy. While this is happening roughly dice your tomatoes with a nice sharp knife. Blunt knives do horrible things to ripe tomatoes. Mix in a bowl with the olive oil, seasoning to taste, tear in the basil leaves and balsamic if desired.
Cut you garlic clove length-ways in half. No need to peel as the inner flesh is what you desire here. (Who doesn't love a little inner flesh?)
Rub the cut side of the garlic onto the bread and the slight abrasiveness of the crunchy bread with pick up all the flavor from the clove. Govind Armstrong, author the book Small Bites, Big Nights, which i bought recently (it is a beautiful book by the way) calls this the Garlic Love Rub.

Great name.This is exactly what it is. Rub it and receive the the love.
Tumble the tomato mix on top of your bread and devour.

For something a little special crumble over some soft feta or a sexy goats cherve.. Perhaps a little drizzle of balsamic reduction, or, as pictured below some delicious sticky gourmet drizzle you bought from your local market.
Thats it. Simple. Sexy flavors. Feast your eyes on it and feel your taste buds weep with jelousy.
Now go make some. You know you want to...

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