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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Notes About Vanilla

Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world
The vanilla bean is a phallic symbol if ever i saw one.. long, sticky and loaded with an uncountable number of seeds...
Vanilla was first served by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans in 'chocolatl' a drink made of cocoa beans, vanilla and chilli
The Mayans tell a legend of the young daughter of a goddess, who was forbidden to marry her lover, a mortal, and so transformed herself into the vanilla bean so she could be with him always
Vanilla, along with cocoa, was regarded as a gift from the gods and a powerful aphrodisiac
Recent studies have shown the vanilla increases your libido and decreases stress - if that's not a gift from the god's i dont know what is...
Vanilla has long been prized by french perfume artists as the most elusive and sexual scent - it is used in many of the famous perfumes of today
Naturally the vanilla bean grows only in a small part of the world where the orchid is pollinated by the melipona bee... Now all vanilla beans across the world are hand pollinated.
It takes years for the vanilla orchid to be ready to bear fruit. Then every single orchid must be pollinated by hand. One flower makes one vanilla bean. The bean then takes about 8-9 months to come to fruition. Then the beans are picked and matured. This can take anywhere between 6 months (for a cheaper product) and two years (for the A grade orgasm-in-a-bean). Then and only then do we recieve this gift of flavor and impart its glory to our tastebuds.
Recent studies by Neurologist Alan Hirsch show that the scent of natural vanilla is the smell that most arouses men, measured by the increase of penile (great word!) blood flow.
Vanilla is damn sexy, dig out those extra pennies and buy yourself the best you can afford!

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